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Usinage - Perçage - Résolution de problème de perçage (index)
CHIPPING OR BREAKAGE -Poor chip evacuation due to insufficient coolant pressure and/or volume Increase coolant flow
-Deflection Reduce overhang
-Misalignment Check concentricity not to exceed +/- .005 tir
-Speed too slow, feed too light Increase speed and/or feed
-Wrong chipbreaker geometry Use stronger chipbreaker(3P)
CORNER OF INSIDE INSERT CHIPS AT CENTER -High cutting force at center of drill Use tougher grade or uncoated grade in inside position
LOUD, ROUGH CUTTING -Excessive thrust force Reduce feed, increase speed
-Re-cutting chip Increase coolant flow
LONG UNBROKEN CHIP -Insuffi. coolant pressure and volume Increase coolant flow
-Feed rate too light Increase feed
-Wrong chipbreaker geometry Check setup and part rigidity
CHATTER -Vibration Check setup and part rigidity
-Poor chip control Increase coolant flow
-Drill not properly seated in holder Check set-up
HOLE SIZE TOO LARGE -Drill misaligned Correct misalignment
FRACTURING OF DRILL -Improper seating of inserts Check insert seating
-Unstable spindle Use rigid machine
-Insufficient horsepower Reduce feed or change machines
-Excessive thrust force Reduce feed
SHORT TOOL LIFE -Excessive insert wear Lower cutting speed or change grade
-Lack of rigidity Check set-up and spindle
-Improper coolant Check type of coolant and mixture
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