1976 - New solid bases

   Then, the company was relocated in a 2800 square feet building at the 205 Chalifoux street in Sherbrooke Qc. During this period, the adition of André and Claude sons of Lionel will cause to create a reorientation towards field involving the metal machining. The cutting tools, the metrology instruments and machine tool accessories, conventional and numerical control computer oriented became gradually, as from this moment, the main stream of the company. However it will never deny its origins by preserving the product lines wich enable the company to become what it was. At this point, the need to incorporate and changing the company's name become evident and simultanieously, André and Claude became shareholders. Already, Lionel had a good picture for the new company's name: LYRFAC. Not only it preserved its family dimension, Lyrfac is an acronym made up of the first letter of each Lessard family member's name by chronological order, but it also gave a name with a more industrial and international consonnance. Wich helped to break the linguistic barriers.

1987 - A fulgurating growth

   All these changes brought a second relocalisation in 1987 in a 12000 square feet building at the 729 DuConseil street. During this period Lyrfac knew a tremendous essort due mainly to the internal refinement of the operations and the computerization of the company. The sales turnover of Lyrfac almost quadrupled during the 1987-2002 period. It is also at this time that André and Claude Lessard proceeded to the complete purchase of the company.

2002 - A strategic positioning

   2002 bring a third relocalisation in the current building of the 4100 Portland boul. Unfortunately, Mr Lionel Lessard, president and founder of Lyrfac, will not have been able to see this new milestone. He past away febuary 10, 2002, during the first outlines of the project's construction. Lyrfac continute its progression with the philosophy of its founder base on work keen and organize increasingly more effective and also with the conscience that all can be improved.

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